Information Services

Information Services

Our Information Services team facilitates insight from information and provides resources and tools to manage production records. These services include:

Bureau Services: Providing information collection, data entry, regular reporting, and analysis. We’ll take care of your records, so you can focus on everything else.

PigKnows Program Licensing: Facilitating onboarding, set-up, program training, and ongoing technical support services. We are your go-to in Canada for PigKnows program support and expertise.

PigKnows Mobile App: Compatible with iOS, Android, RFID software, and EFS, PigKnows mobile app captures records in real-time with user-friendly data entry forms. This makes data collection easier than ever.

Analysis: Providing customizable insights from our team of in-house data analysts to help you and your business perform at your best. This includes detailed reporting and data visualizations to help you gain a deeper insight into performance.

Grow/Finish Records: Record keeping for all in all out and continuous flow systems. Using movement, feed, sales, and many other sources of information to provide closeout reports, real time reporting and multi-site overviews. Helping you track grow finish to maximize performance.

WhatsApp Group: Information Services updates and PigKnows tips. Information from our office to your barn.

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If you ever need more support or information, we are always available to chat. We are here to help!