Canadian Pork Excellence (CPE) Services

Canadian Pork Excellence (CPE) Services

On-Farm Validation Services
We have a team available to assist you as you implement Canadian Pork Excellence (CPE) to get you off to a great start. This service includes:

  • CPE Start-Up Coaching
    Assistance from a CPE Specialist and a start-up package with user-friendly South West Vets CPE SOP Manual available in three formats:

    • Farrow to Finish
    • Farrow to Wean
    • Nursery to Finisher
  • Water Sample Testing (required annually for CPE)
    Water sample collection and delivery services available

  • CPE Validations
    Full and partial validation services


If you ever need more support or information, we are always available to chat. We are here to help!

Contact us at

Listowel: 519-291-3276

Stratford: 519-271-2111 or 1-877-699-0601